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All I saw in that was sexual comedy that completely ignored most of the personalities of the characters. Kyoko confesses to Mami on how Mami saved yuir from her own despair, without Mami's help and her friendship Kyouko thinks she would have become a witch long ago. Having a lesbian couple pales in comparison in terms of child-friendliness issues.

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Dayum, Why are some peoples are speaking about Yuri? I like the unique pairings too. This game is great But then, this is the world created by the guy who invented shotgun-sutra, and it didn't seem to take very long for Ruby to learn how to go all "Owww-waaaatchaaaa" with a flippin' scythe.

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I find most of mine in need of the grammar and word count police, but the concept and idea are all fine and dandy. Have confidence in yourself!!

Happy Together - Jo Kwon, Gain, Kim Bumsoo & more! (2015.05.28)

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Explore games tagged yuri on itch. Browse games Game jams Upload a game Devlogs. Not in game jams. Popularity Top sellers Top rated Recently added. Anyone can be saved, but not everyone can be. A free horror Visual Douple.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. My heart and body grows for only you.

yuri dating game adam couple dating

Zapps game to make 20 dollars. The Rose of Segunda. Yulia, Guardian check this out the Sun, must travel north to game an end to the eternal winter that has been plagued upon yiri land.

Can love be a cure for what ails you? Defeat the evil lurking in Yuri Of N'Mar. Mystics of Sapphia Demo. A fantasy yuri girl love visual novel. We Met Once, Perhaps in a Dream. Short VN about immortality, memory, guilt, and lying. Adam Treatment for Couple. Helping your dating bff create her online dating profile. PCstyle yuri tactical strategy. Frostbites Dating Ages Version.

yuri dating game adam couple dating

One night, two girls, many cookies. A short visual novel about two girls and the first day of the week.

yuri dating game adam couple dating

The revolution has come, houses are free, and you're falling in love with your occupant. A story of a dryad waking from a long sleep Dark Lily is a yuri-light visual novel for the PC that explores friendship, and its healing power.

yuri dating game adam couple dating

Love on the Peacock Express. Dawn is about to discover her biology teacher is a blast from her past and she may not survive the explosion. La Maupin to the Rescue! Rescue your beloved from a life of dull obligations at the convent. Be bold, be stylish, be brave!

yuri dating game adam couple dating

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