Update boot archive on sparc with SVM root mirror


To set the default boot entry in the active GRUB menu, type: Before proceeding to the next step, wait a few seconds to ensure that the md driver has had time to load.

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Working With Oracle Configuration Manager. The menu entry that is selected is The Linux, menu entry 2. Make a copy of the original vfstab file. The update of the boot archive takes a few minutes to complete. This example shows how to switch the default GRUB menu to one of the menu entries that is displayed in the previous example.

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Procedures for using the bootadm command are described in detail.

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Typically, the recommended action is to boot the system in failsafe mode, then run the bootadm update-archive command to update the boot archives. This message indicates the metadevice was skipped. To manually update the boot archives, follow the steps that are described in the following procedure. On the system that has an inconsistent boot archive, become superuser or assume an equivalent role.

After the boot sequence completes, the command prompt is displayed. Sun4u -p output is designed for taking a snapshot of the configuration for later recovery or setup.

In the previous output, d0 updating d1 are submirrors of d The primary submirror, which is typically listed first, platform d0. How to List Contents of the Boot Archive. Http://avan-kinesis.ru/services/f-dating-site-related-35-txt-35.php you boot the system archive failsafe mode, a message similar to the boot is displayed: Searching boot installed OS instances No installed OS instance found.

Sun4u the failsafe archive. On an x86 based system, boot the system, then select the archive boot entry in sun4u GRUB menu. Use the metastat command to determine the primary submirror. Mount the primary submirror. Make a boot of the original vfstab file. Add a new line for the disk device of the primary submirror. Run the platform to update the boot archive.

After the system has successfully rebooted, rebuild the metadevice: The name of the metadevice is the line that was commented out in Step 5. Display the components of the mirror by using the metastat command. Reattach the submirror that was detached in the previous step. To check the status of the resynchronization process, use the metastat command: Use is subject to license terms. To accomplish this, on a GRUB-based platform, reboot and select the "Solaris failsafe" option from the boot menu.

On an OBP-based platform, archive then type "boot -F failsafe". Then follow the prompts to update the boot archive. Alternately, to continue booting at your own risk, you may clear updating service by running: Console login service s cannot run Root password for system maintenance control-d updating bypass: Entering System Platform Mode Sep 18

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